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I demonstrate using a device from Harbor Freight to refill a 1lb camp propane bottle from a 20lb grill tank. Toward the end, I mention using a split “tank”, I meant split table. Sorry about that. See the related video, it tends to over-fill the tank a good bit, but works fine otherwise. I have to watch it carefully when first connected due to the overfill. The device is about $20, so it’s not tremendously cost effective. In WV as of Dec. 2009, the 1lb tanks are about $2.65. Refilling a 20lb tank costs $13 ($0.65/lb), swapping it for a 15lb filled tank is about $18 ($1.20/lb), saving you around $1.45 to $2 per tank. That would take 10-14 tank refills to pay for the device, before you would save any money. I didn’t buy it for the cost savings. I have frequent power outages and use a couple small campstoves to heat part of my living area. In an extended outage (2 days), I can use 8-10 smaller bottles. I hate throwing away all that metal, and it’s not always convenient or possible to get ot the store to buy more. This way I can use my spare grill tank to keep warm, and be a little greener in the process.

Refilling a 1lb campstove propane bottle from a 20lb grill tank

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